Intralesional CryoShape for the Treatment of Keloid

Intralesional CryoShape for the Treatment of Keloid

Intralesional (IL) cryotherapy-CryoShape is a novel treatment method for keloid scars, in which the injury is solidified from inside. Intralesional CryoShape for the Treatment of Keloid is discussed here. Over the previous decade, a few examinations have been distributed with shifting results. A primary investigation of the present writing is, along these lines, justified to decide if IL cryotherapy is an option in contrast to build up keloid scar medications.


An exhaustive audit was performed, in light of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis. PubMed and EMBASE were looked from commencement. Studies and level of the proposal were evaluated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons criteria.


Eight examinations meeting the incorporation criteria were chosen. The average scar volume diminishing went from 51% to 63%. However, no total scar annihilation has accomplished all things considered. Scar repeat extended from 0% to 24%. Hypopigmentation posttreatment was seen generally in Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin type patients. At last, protests of INTERNET torment and pruritus diminished fundamentally in many investigations.


Cryotherapy for the treatment of keloid demonstrates good outcomes as far as volume decrease and lightened protests of agony and pruritus. Be that as it may, no total scar destruction is built up, and repeats are seen. Additionally, tenacious hypopigmentation demonstrated an issue in Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin type patients. Condensed, the proof showed constrained and conflicting bringing about an American Society of Plastic Surgeons grade C proposal for this sort of treatment of keloid scars.

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In inclined people, damage to the skin can prompt an unusual mending reaction, bringing about keloid scars. 1 Besides stylish deformation, keloids can cause significant physical objections of agony and pruritus, henceforth disabling the personal satisfaction of the patient.2 The treatment of keloids is an extraordinary test, as careful extraction alone outcomes in high repeat rates (>60%) and even development improvement following treatment.

To date, a few treatment modalities exist, yet not a solitary treatment alternative has demonstrated generally useful.3,4 First-line nonsurgical treatment choices incorporate silicone sheeting, weight treatment, intralesional (IL) corticosteroids, and IL 5fluorouracil.3,5 The proof for viability of silicone sheeting and weight treatment remains limited. 5 IL corticosteroids and 5-fluorouracil have demonstrated fruitful in diminishing torment and pruritus, just as declining scar volume. Notwithstanding, a few agonizing treatment sessions are required, and repeat rates remain high.4


As of late, a novel method for the treatment of keloids was presented, offering a potential treatment methodology between the current nonsurgical and careful treatment choices: IL cryotherapy.9 for decades, fluid nitrogen has been applied remotely to solidify and destruct keloids. This was all about Intralesional CryoShape for the Treatment of Keloid.

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