Safety Hazards to Consider When Choosing a Childcare

When choosing a childcare centre, nothing is more important than your child’s safety. You need to ensure that your child is well cared for throughout the day. 

As you search for the right early learning centre for your child, you need to consider potential safety hazards. This can help you identify dangers and choose the safest possible centre for your child to attend. 

Read on to find out what safety hazards you should consider when choosing a childcare centre. 

Falling objects

As children learn in an early learning setting, they can be prone to reach or grab objects, so it’s important to look for items that could fall and injure your child. 

When choosing a childcare centre, look out for objects that are precariously balanced or may be likely to fall, especially if these objects are heavy or within a child’s reach. 

A safe childcare centre should store objects securely so that they are not at risk of falling and causing injury. Items should be tethered down or stored up high, where children cannot reach them and knock them down. 

Old equipment

Old play equipment is another important hazard to consider. Old playground equipment may be damaged or dangerous if not properly maintained. 

As you search for a childcare centre, take note of the quality of playgrounds and equipment. Do you see rickety swing sets or rusted items? Are there sharp edges that could cause abrasions or lacerations? 

Safe childcare centres use well-maintained equipment and are careful to repair or remove items that have begun to break or rust. Playground equipment should be in good condition with no major hazards. 

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Allergy protocols

If your child has allergies, food and allergy protocols are an important consideration as you choose a childcare centre. 

When looking for a childcare centre, ask questions about allergy protocols and systems that help to ensure your child will not be served any foods containing ingredients they are allergic to. Ask your child’s educators whether they are trained in anaphylaxis first aid and can administer allergy medications if necessary. 

A good childcare centre should have strong allergy management systems in place to prevent your child from consuming any allergens. If your child does have an allergic reaction, staff should be properly trained to apply first aid until medical support arrives.  

Cleanliness problems

The cleanliness of your child’s childcare care can play an important role in overall safety and hygiene, affecting your child’s health. 

Before enrolling your child in a new childcare centre, look around to ensure that all surfaces are clean and sanitary. Do you notice dirt or grime on toys and equipment? What are the standard policies for handwashing and food hygiene? 

A clean, safe childcare centre should ensure that surfaces are as clean as possible to reduce the risk of infection and illness. They should also have good hand-washing and kitchen hygiene practices in place to prevent food poisoning and gastrointestinal illness. 

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